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Add an Elevator to your existing home or design an Elevator into your new home!
Our elevators incorporate the latest technology in the industry today. Combined with our commitment to a prompt, clean and professional installation, your result will be a home elevator that provides a reliable, quiet, and smooth ride, while using minimal space and electricity in your home. Our residential elevator is designed specifically for coastal areas. All aluminum components have a lifetime warranty against corrosion and failure.  We are the exclusive dealer and installer for Precision Lift Industries,  so rest assured- you will be getting superior equipment at factory direct pricing!

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Custom Hardwood Cab Clear Elevator Gate Window Opening Shaker Style





Provided by a precision machined gear-motor assembly which is mounted to the top of the guide rails (within the elevator shaft, not in the attic). Raises and lowers the cab via two cables. Motor is controlled using a Variable Voltage, Variable Frequency Electronic Drive System. Standard capacity is 750 lbs. Winding drum units do not require a machine room!

Provided by a hydraulic pump and motor, this elevator system is considered older technology by many industry leaders. The hydraulic pump raises and lowers a hydraulic cylinder, which is connected to the elevator cab via two cables and a pulley. This system requires a machine room to place the hydraulic pump unit in. Hydraulic elevators usually require more maintenance than winding drum elevators.

Uses a gearless permanent magnet motor and counterweight system—the same technology used in many high rise buildings—which makes the elevator extremely quiet and smooth. The counterweights are used to offset the weight of the elevator cab. This results in being able to use a smaller motor and less energy.

Standard Home Elevator Features:
• 40 fpm travel speed
• Accordion gate (clear or laminate)
• Laser cut interlocking sling design with industrial powder coated finish
• Aluminum platform and rail brackets.
• All safety features required by ASME A17.1 Section 5 (National Elevator Code)
• Prefinished birch interior
• Automatic homing (after programmed amount of time, elevator will automatically go to the designated floor) •       
• Magnetic landing system with electric door interlocks.
• Recessed Lighting
• Automatic cab lights
• 220 volt single phase power, 30 amps
• Stainless steel fixtures.




Our Warranty: A twenty four (24) month Factory Warranty is standard on all of Humbaugh Lift's residential elevator new installations. After the warranty period expires, we offer one of the industry's most comprehensive service programs for a life time of safety and piece of mind. Please note: This warranty does not include labor, or maintenance related service requests after the first 12 months.

Think Outside the Box! We offer a wide range of options to customize your residential elevator to match your home. We offer raised panel, picture frame, recessed and laminate cab interiors. Antique signal fixtures, custom platform sizes, custom heights, and automatic or commercial style doors are just a few ways to make your elevator the perfect complement to your home.

All of our products are customized to fit your needs. There are many upgrades to choose from. Please contact us for more information.

Free estimates! Humbaugh Lift Company offers complimentary assistance in residential elevator shaft design and general elevator questions- there is no commitment. 

We proudly serve the Gulf Coast of Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi.  We are located in the Pensacola Area and regularly service Developments of 30-A, including Watercolor, Seaside, Blue Mountain Beach and Rosemary Beach Areas.


Residential Elevator Door Baffles Available!

The door baffle is designed to be a solution for existing residential elevators that do not meet the 3-5 Rule. The 3-5 rule for residential elevators refers to the pocket that is created when the elevator shaft and swing door configuration are incorrectly built, leaving a gap when the swing door is closed. This is a major safety hazard and liability for not only the homeowner, but any elevator company performing work on the elevator---even if it is a minor repair unrelated to the door. 

Precision Lift Industries, LLC’s elevator door baffle is vacuum formed and molded to fit almost any standard 36” door. Each door baffle is light weight, measures approximately 32”wide x 31” tall x 4” thick, and is available in an attractive white color. Installation takes only a few minutes and attaches to most any standard size doors with standard or vandal resistant wood screws.


 Call Us Today for Pricing Information on our Residential Elevator Door Baffles. 850.207.8861



 WARNING:This product is intended to greatly reduce safety hazards associated with excessive gaps between the elevator shaft wall and the back of the hoistway swing door. This door baffle does not guarantee compliance with National Elevator Code commonly known as the 3” x 5” rule. Additional modifications to the door/hoistway framing and/or elevator system may be necessary.



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